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Insolvent Directors: Liberty Group 20210103
Insolvent Directors: Liberty Group
Republic of South Africa including the Prince Edward Islands (RSA)
Liberty Group RSA
Liberty Group

Liberty Group property (RSA legal tender as below) up for auction:
Insolvent IOU

Both entities profit from Global Apartheid, militarily enforced Exclusive Economic Zones and monopoly currency. This criminal apartheid system, of the forced separation of people from markets based on birth, makes both entities legally insolvent. Today Liberty Group and RSA have men, women and children locked up, in their Lindela Concentration Camp.

Global Apartheid is a damaging and criminal system used to create an artificial disparity in the value of people so that labour may be traded as cattle on international 'stock' markets.

Offers below face value may be accepted.
Each note is legal tender of RSA.
Raylene May Keightley and LIBERTY GROUP killed my sisters child in their Lindela Concentration Camp not printed with indelible ink.

#EndGlobalApartheid bid on the RSA & Liberty Group currency as above...